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Why Plum Software?

Investor Portal

Keep your clients engaged with their finances and with you.

  • Your client's entire financial life in one place

    Your modern, intuitive and own-branded client portal. Available anywhere with an internet connection and on any device, you can now provide 24/7 access for your clients to view all their assets across all accounts, including non-managed assets like property and art.

  • Your brand

    It’s your brand, it deserves to be seen. We’ll implement your corporate colours and logo throughout so your clients understand that you are providing them with your own portal.

  • Painless and accurate valuations

    Give your clients access to valuations that are always ready and always accurate. Plum’s suite of integrated data feeds ensures more time for you and more engagement for your clients.

50+ automated
provider links


  • Reduce the time spent manually inputting data with a large range of automated links to providers.
  • Make sure you are reviewing the most recent data by importing valuations from providers and platforms as often as you like.
  • Reduce time spent on client enquiry by providing your clients with updated investment valuations through the Investor Portal.
  • Streamline processes by using up to date values to calculate your fund renewal and ongoing adviser charges.

3rd Feature

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About Plum Software

Our Background

Plum Software is a leading provider of back-office solutions for the entire financial planning office. We attribute over 20 years of success to the quality of our products and the strong relationships we build with our customers and partners.

We become part of your team, helping you to build the systems and workflows you need to grow your business providing extensive training, webinars, and user group meetings to make all our customers
“super users” of the software.

“With Plum you get comprehensive software and a provider that listens and offers quality support.”First Class Financial

Our Team

We are a small but much focused team of 14 people. This means we know our clients very well and allows us to provide a personal touch. Don’t be fooled, between us we have well over 200 years of experience within the industry and many of the team have worked for Plum for a number of years; no churning of staff here! All are extremely knowledgeable about the software, the industry and our clients’ needs.

For the last 18 months, Plum has also had access to Praemium’s breadth of talented staff across all business units and has drawn on that resource to develop and hone its service, particularly the training tools and online support.

Our Senior Sales Manager, David Felix-Davies is one of the founders of Plum and has worked with Plum’s clients for over 23 years ensuring the software suits users’ needs. He is joined by Peter Hall with over 18 years’ experience in sales for leading insurers and platform managers.

Our implementation team has 2 full-time people who work very efficiently to get clients on board. We have a handpicked specialist recruited from Pearson Education Services to expertly craft the training tools. Once you are up and running our 3 man support team man the phones to help with any queries and issues.

Behind the scenes, but absolutely essential we have 5 developers to build and support the Plum software. This team understands all the nuances of the software requirements for clients’ businesses and users. They’ve been doing it for half a life time and their DNA is embedded in the code.

Features / How can plum help you?

Helping Advisers

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Fact Find and ATR

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Sophisticated Client Reporting

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Easy Document Access

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Comprehensive CRM

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Portfolio Valuations

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Investor Portal

Helping Administrators

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Letter and Text Tools

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Remuneration and RMAR

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Document Management

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Diary Management

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Data Management

Helping Practice Managers

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Campaign Management

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Tasks and Workflows

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Management Information

Our Service

of helpdesk enquiries are completed in a single call
webinars per year on user-driven topics
free user group meetings held every year

Webinar Feedback

  • “It’s good to have small sound bites like this. Regular small chunks of learning are much more likely to be effective.”
    Wendy Nutbrown
    Shepherd Independent Financial Advisers Ltd
  • “Our business model is very simple and as we are based in Scotland we get very few chances to get face to face training so these webinars are great and we can dip in and out of the areas we want to learn or brush up on.”
    Janise Grant
    Graham Grant IFA Ltd
  • “It makes me want to engage more with the system.”
    Martin Benn
    Style Insurance Mortgage Services
  • “I’ve been using Plum for some time now and just wanted to go over Remunerations to check I was doing it correctly and to ensure I haven’t missed any system updates – the training was perfect for that.”
    Janise Grant
    Graham Grant IFA Ltd
  • “Have looked at calculators myself but this showed me how to use them better – will need to practise and go over video later.”
    Janise Grant
    Graham Grant IFA Ltd

News & Views

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What people say

  • “Our business model is very simple and as we are based in Scotland we get very few chances to get face to face training so these webinars are great and we can dip in and out of the areas we want to learn or brush up on.”
    Janise Grant
    Graham Grant IFA Ltd
  • “By embracing Plum Software as a way of working, we have been able to transform our back office and produce greater efficiency in the way we operate.”
    Terence Healy
    Compliance Coordinator
    Gracechurch Wealth Management
  • “My compliance consultant loves it!”
    Jonathan Plant
    First Service Financial Limited



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