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Whilst we at Plum endeavor to bring the highest level of service to you, sometimes faults and down time are inevitable. This page is designed to ensure that you can have the latest information about any system status and ongoing issues at all times.

Status Information as at 26/06/2022

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Plum: General

No current Issues

The current line and status information is shown below. If you are experiencing technical difficulties and need to speak to an adviser, please contact Support on 0203 873 5567 – Option 2

All our services are currently live and available

ASP Server Status

  • All servers are online and operational

ASP Line Status

  • Live1 Status: Live
  • Live2 Status: Live

17/11/2021: PruAdviser and MyPru online services are scheduled to be unavailable from 19:00 (BST) Friday 3 December to 23:00 (BST) Sunday 5 December for essential website maintenance.

No Current Issues

March/April 2020 update:

ASP users can use Plum from home by following the below instructions:

Right click your Plum ASP icon on your desktop.

Select Send To – Mail Recipient

Email to a chosen account (your personal email address for example)

Once the email is received, right click the attached icon, select Save As, and save to your PC desktop.

(You can alternatively, save the icon to a USB stick or similar, put this into a workstation or laptop USB port, and double click to run)

If you would like our additional software installed (Provider Link & Desktop Link), then you can download and install from here:

Once installed, you may be prompted for a company code and password. Please contact the helpdesk for these credentials by either calling 0203 873 5567 or email us at

ASP Users: Additional Information

  • There are two broadband lines that you can use to remotely access Plum. We  name these lines Live 1 and Live 2. Our main line is Live 1 and the Microsoft remote desktop connection (RDC) address is
    Live 2 should only be used if Live1 is unavailable. The Live2 address is You can edit the address by right clicking your Plum ASP icon and selecting edit. You will also need your server port number added to the end of the address prefixed by a colon (:)
  • If you are unsure of the port number, please contact the Support desk.
  • If Plum becomes unresponsive  you can use a utility called KillFFPA.NET to close. This can be found by searching for KillFFPA.NET from within your Windows ASP session.
  • You can close hidden or non-responsive Microsoft Office programs (e.g Word or Excel) in your ASP session by searching for and opening KillOffice. You may find this utility useful when Word cannot update your template when you try to close. We recommend you save any open documents in your session before running this program.


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