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Links to the latest Plum software releases

ASP Users. Version 212

For ASP Users, the latest version of Provider Link can be downloaded by clicking the below link. If you currently have Provider Link installed please uninstall via control panelprograms and features.

This version of Provider Link uses ‘click once’ technology that enables the software to be updated automatically when new updates are available.

The File Transfer and Links File Process programs are incorporated into the ASP Desktop Link program. Please call the Support team on 0203 873 5567 if you require any help setting up either component.

We recommend the following when installing the ASP Desktop Link program:

  • Uninstall the previous version (if applicable) via Control Panel – Programs & Features (Win 7,8.1,10)
  • You MUST close Outlook, Word and Excel before clicking Install
  • Click the link above which will take you to the download section. Please read the instructions prior to installation. Press the Install button to download and install. Press Allow if prompted.
  • Try Google Chrome or Firefox if Internet Explorer blocks the download
  • You may also need to temporarily disable your Anti-virus software.


For further information, or to learn more about any of the Plum Software products, please contact your sales representative or call us on

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